1xBet, a betting company and Volleyball World has joined forces in a five-year global sponsorship agreement. This groundbreaking partnership is a first for the sport and will encompass both volleyball and beach volleyball events.
This collaboration will see 1xBet fully leverage Volleyball World’s digital platforms and branding featured throughout live events. This will encompass major volleyball tournaments. It includes VNL or Volleyball Nations League, Volleyball World Championships and Club World Championships. Apart from these, marquee beach volleyball events are also included. These include the Beach Pro Tour (BPT) and the Beach Volleyball World Championships.
1xBet is set to benefit from the global appeal of the sports while enhancing its exposure internationally. Moreover, its brand visibility to the global popularity of volleyball.
Finn Taylor, CEO of Volleyball World, commented that this partnership represents volleyball’s first-ever global betting sponsorship and responds to the sport’s rising popularity. They are confident that 1xBet’s global reach will help them connect with new audiences, drive the commercial growth of volleyball, and further promote the sport.
A 1xBet company representative said this long-term agreement with Volleyball World is important to their global strategy to support sports. They share the organization’s desire to promote volleyball around the world and will do everything to support this idea. They are pleased to announce that 1xBet were presented for the first time as an official partner of the organization at the start of the Volleyball Nations League on May 14.