1xSlots Partners has recapped its attendance at SiGMA Americas 2024 and highlighted its achievements at the event.

The exhibition adventures of 1xSlots Partners have already begun. They visited the SiGMA Americas conference at the end of April in Brazil.
Despite a few difficulties and slip-ups, the company was still pleased with its stand. They honestly considered it one of the best at the entire conference.
1xSlots Partners highlighted some of its achievements at SiGMA Americas 2024. It has also shed light on its future ventures.
Before flying to Brazil, 1xSlots Partners tried to prepare as much as possible. They aimed to take full advantage of the event. The company stated that their main goal was to strengthen their network and seek out new opportunities. Last year, their team successfully held more than 50 meetings; this year, they aimed to scale up their efforts even further.
1xSlots Partners was very active throughout the conference. They held meetings with experts from the sector to discuss trends and innovations in the industry. It concluded a number of deals at the conference and attracted some new partners. This does not just include affiliates, but also specialists in payment methods, game providers, and media buying teams. Many of these meetings were held under and NDA. It is considered particularly important for them to get to know local operators.
Furthermore, the company stated that they also met up with many of their current partners at the event. They were also happy to connect with new colleagues in the payments sector, streamers, local translations, and affiliates too.
They also said that the conference was attended by partners not only from Latin America but also from other parts of the world, including Europe, the CIS countries and Asia. All in all, the conference exceeded all their expectations.