In the past years, Latvia has taken outstanding steps to regulate its casino industry. This is with a particular focus on advertising. Introduced in 2023, new advertising rules aim to create a safer gambling environment and reduce the risk of gambling problems.
The main motivation behind casino Latvia new advertising rules is to protect vulnerable people, especially minors, from the potential risks and negative effects of gambling. Through the IAUI or Inspectorate for the Supervision of Lotteries and Gambling, the Latvian Government has introduced these rules to address growing concerns about the impact of gambling on society.
The increasing exposure of young people to gambling advertising is one of the main concerns that led to the new rules. The early exposure to gambling can lead to higher risks later in life as shown in research. The Government focuses to reduce the attractiveness of gambling to minors by limiting the timing and content of these advertisements.
In many countries, including Latvia, gambling is a problem. The new rules are part of a wider strategy to promote responsible gambling and reduce gambling-related harm. The government hopes to reduce the overall visibility of gambling by limiting advertising. In connection to this, making it less attractive to those who might be open to addiction.
In 2023, the new advertising rules include a number of key features designed to minimize the risks linked with gambling promotions.
The introduction of strict time limits on when gambling adverts can be broadcasted is one of the most crucial changes. Now, during the day, adverts are already being banned. This is the time when children and teenagers are most likely to be watching television or using online platforms. The goal of this provision is to remarkably reduce the display of gambling-related content to young people.