Chess streamer Alex Botez will host $50,000 poker tournament for chess content creators on GGPoker.
Botez has just joined GGPoker as a brand ambassador last March.
Aside from this and being GGPoker’s brand ambassador, Botez has launched the Spin & Gold ELO Challenge. This invites chess content creators worldwide to compete for a prize worth $50,000.
The competition is set to begin in May on GGPoker’s platform, and is set to last for a month. This aims to explore the crossover between skills in chess and poker.
Participants will engage in GGPoker’s Spin & Gold poker games. Each player receives an ELO rating to rank their relative skill levels. The player with the highest ELO rank by May 30th will win and receive a cash prize amounting to $50,000.
Spin & Gold is a quick format of poker. It has automatically increasing blinds. This ensures a maximum timeframe, that will result in short, sharp games.
Raffael Chess from Brazil, Dina Belenk from USA, Jan Gustafsson from Germany, Eric Hansen, Aman Hambleton from Chessbrahs, Canada, Jose Pepitoperu from Mexico, and Nemo Zhou, who is a Chinese- Canadian are the confirmed participants.
Alex Botez said that one of the reasons she is so excited to join GGPoker is being able to share her newfound love of poker with her fellow chess players from across the globe. The traits and skills that make good chess players translate so well into poker that she is sure this will be an incredible close and exciting competition. She suspects many chess names will move up the poker ranks over the next few years.
GGPoker’s previous initiatives to engage poker enthusiasts worldwide, including the Road to Vegas series, which offers players opportunities to secure seats at the WSOP or World Series of Poker main event.