St. Bonaventure University/Siena College survey found that thirty-nine percent of Americans bet on sports events. This includes 19% — 39% of men age 18 to 49, and 20% of women 18 to 49 years old who have account with online sports betting service.

Online sports bettor say it’s fun and exciting and makes them more interested in watching the games. They think they can make money and that because they signed up with a promotion and the money was free. This was according to United States survey adults found.
Following the survey results on the Super Bowl‘s impact on American sports fandom and culture, the survey was a joint effort by the Siena College Research Institute and St. Bonaventure University’s Jandoli School of Communication.
Fifteen percent of all Americans including 22% of young men ages 18-49 and 30% of avid fans know someone who has or had a problem with online sports betting. 37% have felt bad or ashamed after losing a bet, while the 38% have felt that they bet more than they should have. Moreover, 19% have lied to someone about the extent of their betting, and 18% have bet and lost money that was meant for meeting their financial obligations.
Americans agree that online sports betting will end up creating compulsive gamblers by 65-23% and will cause pain to themselves and their families.
Don Levy is SCRI’s director. According to him, with 75% of Americans saying they’ve seen ads for online sportsbooks, it’s not surprising that one in five have an account. Levy also added that bettors say it’s fun, and plurality of all Americans around 48%-40%, agree that online sports betting is a great form of entertainment allowing fans to gamble responsibly.
Moreover, he said that nearly 40% of bettors have felt ashamed about their gambling, or bet more than they should, and one in five have lost money they needed or lied to someone about their betting.