The court sentenced Amit Patel for stealing $22 million from the Jacksonville Jaguars. He pleaded guilty to federal charges of wire fraud and illegal monetary transactions in December 2023.

Patel could face up to 30 years in prison for his crimes. However, the Justice Department issued a memorandum recommending just a seven-year prison sentence.
The defense has recommended five sentencing options. These options range from five years of probation with a condition of mental health treatment. The range also includes options up to a one-year prison sentence.
Attorney Belkis Plata is not associated with the case. She stated that the judge will consider both arguments when deciding on Patel’s sentence.
He said that just because you argue something doesn’t mean it’s something the judge is going to rely on. The judge will use his common sense. He will try to find out what is the most just sentence for this offense. He will consider this for this defendant, understanding everything that he knows about him.
Amit Patel was in charge of the organization’s virtual credit card program. According to the prosecutors, he used that program to make hundreds of purchases on the Jaguar’s dime. This happened over a period of three years.
Furthermore, he created and emailed falsified accounting records to Jaguars representatives to hide what he did. FanDuel alerted the team to the missing money, leading to Patel’s termination in February 2023.
Plata added that it shows a level of sophistication. It also shows a level of premeditation. Moreover, it demonstrates the ability to go in and do whatever it is you want to do. Then, you can go back and change it so that no one will see it. He thinks that is an argument that the government will make. This was a planned scheme to defraud an institution.
He also said that money ultimately belonged to the Jaguars. They are a victim of this crime. Even if a financial crime may seem victimless.