Between $300 million and $1 billion there’s an annual outflow out of Uzbekistan because of online gambling. Nodirjan Djurayev is the Head of the Department of Regulation of the sphere of turnover of crypto assets at NAPP (National Agency of Perspective Projects). He revealed this information.
During a press conference on the presidential decree ‘On Measures to Improve Regulation of Organization and Conduct of Lotteries and Risk-Based Games’, Djurayev emphasized that gambling activities in Uzbekistan primarily occur online. The decree specifically excludes the establishment of physical casinos and other offline gambling revenues.
NAPP or The National Agency of Perspective Projects estimates that taxing bookmakers and lotteries could generate around $6 million annual outflow for the Uzbekistan budget. Starting 2025, these entities will be permitted to operate, subject to 4% turnover tax rate until 2030.
Earlier reports indicated that Kazakhstan’s Majilis approved legislation addressing gambling addiction. The bill specifies that individuals should be at least 25 years old to gamble. Advertising for betting shops and casinos on building facades are also being banned. It also allows individuals to self-ban from gambling up to 10 years via eGov. Furthermore, those with outstanding loans and alimony payments will be forbidden from placing bets.