Bangkok police arrested a 23-year old internet idol for allegedly encouraging people to gamble online.
MPB investigation chief, Pol Maj Gen Theeradet Thumsuthee said that MPB or Metropolitan Police Bureau officers arrested Lalada at a condominium in Lat Phrao district. They withheld the OnlyFans model.
The woman is also known as “Noon OnlyFans”. She was charged with organizing gambling activities and luring people into gambling through advertising and persuasion.
A Bangkok police investigation led to an arrest. The investigation says that Ms. Lalada had posted on her Facebook page photos of herself including links to gambling websites. Aside from this, she also posted messages to persuade people to apply for membership to the online gambling website: omega9.
The arresting team wanted approval from the Criminal Court to issue a search warrant after locating her wherabouts.
Officers seized and examined her iPhone during the search. They found a lot of messages on her Facebook and Instagram accounts, encouraging people to gamble online.
Ms. Lalada admitted to owning the accounts during questioning. She also added that she began luring people into online gambling in 2018.
According to her, two gambling websites had hired her to advertise for them and paying her 20,000 baht for posting photos with gambling advertisements 30 times per website.
For legal action, the internet idol was held in police custody at Chokchai station.