BC.GAME, an online casino platform, has obtained a new gaming license. The license comes from Curacao’s new National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK) regulatory framework.
Jack Dorsey, CEO of BC.GAME, expressed immense gratitude for Curacao’s robust regulatory framework. He emphasized its significance in the gambling industry. Obtaining this license marks a vital milestone in BC.GAME’s ongoing development. It underscores their commitment to providing a trustworthy and secure gambling experience.
The introduction of the LOK legislation, designed to replace the previous NOOGH or National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard framework. It has set a new precedent in the gambling license domain.
BC.GAME operated under a sub-license issued by CIL or Curacao Interactive Licensing under the NOOGH regime. However, the new LOK framework brings about significant changes. These include discontinuing the issuance of new sub-licenses and imposing stringent requirements for existing licensees seeking renewal.
BC.GAME noted in a press statement that they have set up a local office in Curacao. This is to ensure compliance with regulations and to offer support to fulfill the requirements of the local gaming ecosystem.
The company stated that acquiring the license specifically designed for LOK services coincides with BC.GAME’s efforts to enhance user trust. They are also focusing on forging new partnerships and expanding the accessibility of their gaming services.
BC.Game has seven years of experience in the online gaming sector through this new license.
Dorsey said that Curacao is an essential first step in their broader global strategy. As they continue to accelerate their expansion, expect more exciting developments and good news in the near future.