In Belgium, betting law regulations has been revised to improve player protection. It confirmed that the legal gambling age will be raised from 18 to 21.
Belgian Official Gazette of Belgium published the changes to the country’s Gaming Law in a press release on its website. The publication was made by The Gaming Commission.
This is set to come into force on September 1, 2024. The new laws included according to the commission include ban on “3.3” devices, prohibition of accumulating online licenses on the same website, no gifts/bonus/free games, principle ban on gambling advertising, age limit of 21 years and refund in case of non-control.
Moreover, the commission stated that they intend to draw attention of license holders. Accordingly, they will make adjustments to bingo and reduced-stakes gaming devices in Class III gaming establishments.
The improvement of protection of players with licensed Belgian operators is the aim being measured.
Sports betting, arcades, and bingo up to the land-based casino age requirements that have been in place since 2018 will be raised to the legal age limit for gambling to 21.
Nonetheless, it raised some concerns that the new advertising regulations benefit illegal operators.
The Belgian Association of Gaming Operators expressed opposition to a total ban on gambling advertising in January. The possibility of making consumers have difficulty distinguishing between legal and illegal operators is the reason.
Tom De Clerq is BAGO’s president. He noted that BAGO has repeatedly spoken out in favor of limiting advertising, including through traditional media.
But he added that they also always warn of the risk of a total ban on advertising in places where illegal operators are massively present, especially online.
For that reason, they conclude that politicians ignore proposed solutions, opting for populist formulas.