Brazil’s Ministry of Finance’s SPA, or the Secretariat of Prizes and Betting, has concluded its decision. Licensed operators will need to add .bet to their domain names. In connection to this, URLs of the operators will need to have after the company name.

The secretariat has been discussing this decision for a while. They were uncertain whether to force operators to insert .bet or .bets into their URLs. The measure looks to differentiate licensed gambling websites from their competitors. This will make it easier for players to be sure that they are gambling with a legal company.
Moreover, the URL requirements will allow the regulatory bodies of Brazil to better identify irregularities and take appropriate measures. This is in addition to limiting the influence of the black market.
According to EGR’s report, SPA has already consulted the matter with the Internet Steering Committee. It is the body responsible for creating domain names in the country.
The Ministry of Finance envisioned strict measures and one of those is the URL requirement. It also includes strict payment rules and a ban on betting bonuses.
The SPA decided to ban the use of cash, credit cards, bank slips, and cryptocurrencies for betting in order to increase the traceability of funds. For this reason, players in the country will be forced to fuel their betting accounts exclusively by electronic transfers like Pix, TED, debit cards, or prepaid cards.
In addition, Brazil’s latest guidelines specify that gambling operators are not allowed to provide any form of advantage or bonus. This is despite of it being for promotion or advertising. In the middle of noteworthy integrity concerns, this decision came.
Furthermore, an earlier rule required gambling companies to engage with an integrity monitoring body like the IBIA or International Betting Integrity Authority. This caused different companies like Yolo Group, KTO, Oddin, and to team up with the authority.