Nemiga Gaming is a Belarusian multi-gaming organization founded in June 2017. During this time, it includes rosters for the most popular esports disciplines like Counter-Strike and Dota 2. The team qualified from open qualifiers in Nemiga Gaming’s entry into the major tournament IEM Chengdu 2024. Since 2020, from Belarus, this will be the first tournament of this level for teams.
As one of the most promising for the company’s growth, Betera is now developing the e-sports direction. The bookmaker has previously partnered with Nemiga Gaming. This title partnership indicates that the cooperation is reaching a new level.
Betera and Nemiga Gaming implemented several interesting projects in 2023. They held media days for Counter-Strike and Dota 2 squads. Apart from this, they filmed entertainment content based on popular shows, went together to a match of the Minsk basketball club and invited basketball players to watch a Dota tournament 2. They also provided analytics and forecasts for eSports events.
Alexander Golovsky is the Esports Manager of Betera. He stated that innovation and the desire to be first are what unite Betera and Nemiga Gaming. For them, eSports is not just a game, but a huge potential for the synergy of technology and emotions, which they try to fully reveal.
Betera clients and all eSports fans will expect even more interesting content, forecasts, sweepstakes and unusual projects. This is as part of the new stage of cooperation.
Sergey Voronovich is the CEO of Nemiga Gaming. He said that the two companies are an alliance that is ready for new challenges. They are pleased to share the news and announce that they have extended cooperation with their faithful friend and ally in Betera company. This means that in 2024, even more of their joint tournaments, giveaways and interviews that will show passion for esports will be seen. Nemiga Gaming and Betera are not just a partnership, but a team. They are a friendship based on mutual respect and trust and striving for common success. They know that together they can overcome any difficulties and reach new heights in esports. This year, they have prepared a lot of interesting things for them that will surprise players. They are moving forward to new victories and want people to be with them.