The Prizes and Betting Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance has published Ordinance 603. It recognizes BMM Testlabs as a certifying entity for betting systems, live gaming studios and online gambling in Brazil.

President of Digital Gaming at BMM Testlabs, Maria Turrini, expressed immense joy in announcing their federal license. This marks the beginning of their commitment. It also signifies the start of their journey in the Brazilian market, which they anticipate to be long.
BMM is one of the most important gaming certification and testing laboratories in the world. It submitted its request for accreditation to the Prizes and Betting Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance shortly after the issuance of Ordinance 300/2024.
In this ordinance, the body defined the certificate models for platforms, sportsbooks, online games, and live games studios.
BMM has now received recognition of its operational capacity. It holds recognition as a certifying entity for betting systems, live gaming studios, and online games. Fixed-odd betting lottery operators can use them.
Last April 16, the publication of Ordinance took place in the Official Gazette of the Union.
For a period of three years, the recognition referred to in the Ordinance is valid, counting from the publication of the Ordinance. Maintain the conditions of legal qualification, tax and labor regularity, suitability, and technical qualification as demonstrated in the process records.
Lottopar recently approved BMM. It is now a certified laboratory. It can conduct comprehensive tests on platforms, systems, games, and regulations. These are authorized in the state of Paraná.
President of Digital Gaming at BMM, Marzia Turrini, expresses immense happiness. They are thrilled to announce the achievement of their federal license. This license was signed by the deputy secretary of Prizes and Bets at the Ministry of Finance. This license marks the beginning of their commitment and the long journey they will undertake in the Brazilian market.
She reinforces their previous statement. They will soon open their branch in Brazil. This move continues their support for all their international clients. These clients consider the Brazilian market a strategic priority.
Turrini concluded. Additionally, they will offer their broad and detailed experience. This is to Brazilian clients who are looking for more than just a simple certifier. They seek a trusted partner to accompany them on this new adventure in Brazil.