Two chartered planes escorted 135 suspects back to China from Cambodia. The suspects, involved in illegal cross-border gambling and fraud, are now facing justice. They marked the last group of 680 suspects arrested by Cambodian police.

The planes arrived in Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province.
The police in China and Cambodia have organized a joint operation to crack down on crimes related to gambling and fraud. It captured a group of suspects from April 12. Hubei public security officials have organized multiple charter flights to bring home individuals in groups.
As of now, the Ministry of Public Security has deployed the Hubei police to carry out the investigation and handling of the suspects.
Cross-border gambling and telecommunications fraud have been of serious public concern. In response to important illegal activities like these, public security organs in China have continued to deepen international law enforcement cooperation. They also took apart a large number of cross-border criminal gangs, as well as arrested a large number of criminals.
Since the start of this year, related authorities have delivered tens of thousands of suspects involved in illegal cross-border gambling and fraud crimes from countries like Myanmar, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates or UAE.
Wang Xiowei is an associate professor at the People’s Public Security University of China. She told the media that such crime gangs usually hide overseas. This makes it difficult for the police to investigate, collect evidence and make arrests. Effective crackdowns on such crimes require international law enforcement cooperation with relevant countries.
Wang also said that the criminal chain of cross-border tele-fraud is long and often covers a lot of countries. This makes international cooperation and coordination more complicated. She added that challenges are greater for tackling international tele-fraud cases because it is hard to investigate, collect evidence, and present legal proof.