A record win for the 3rd year in a row was reached by casinos in Nevada with $15.50 billion revenue, in 2023. They decided to finish last year strong in terms of accumulated profits.

Last January 31, NGCB or the Nevada Gaming Control Board officially revealed the gaming income across the state. They have managed to reach $15.50 billion in the previous year. Along with this, the “best single year on record.” Moreover, parts of Washoe and Clark County has been involved. Gaming records has also been unveiled statewide. Aside from Washoe and Clark County, records were also established in Wendover and Elko County among other regions.

NGCB revealed that those primary responsible for the rise in income were the continued demand for gaming. Apart from this, the many special events held in the said state during the span of 2023. In relation to this, a large number of gaming earning records were at the top in the former year.
According to Michael Lawton, casinos in Nevada managed to officially break “all-time” gaming earning records per month. This is only for 9 out of 12 months in 2023. Lawton is the senior economic analyst at NGCB or the Nevada Gaming Control Board. He also added that December, November, and July were the “top 3 months of all time”.
In December, gaming earnings reached $1.43 billion. This represents a growth of 9% compared to the same period in 2022, two years ago. During this time, earnings amounted to $1.31 billion.
Gaming income rose 4.6% in the former year compared to 2022, on an annualized basis. It brings an extra $679.3 million to Silver State’s casinos. The Las Vegas Strip is responsible too for 90.3% of this increase.
As for the past 2 years, they have also been great in terms of income collected. 2022 generated $14.8 billion for the said Nevada casinos. This data represents a 10.5% growth compared to $13.4 billion. This is the yearly record of 2021. Lawton commented that when you compare this revenue data with the data from 2019, you can clearly see that total yearly gaming earnings rose by 29% in the previous year.