CBF or The Brazilian Football Confederation expounded new guidelines about bookmakers’ sponsorship on club uniforms.

The previous release of RGC or General Competition regulations for this year brings important changes to the sports betting scene.
Following to Article 114, the display of bookmaker brands on club uniforms is now a target to strict compliance with established requirements. For that reason, the measures follow Law No. 14,790/2023 and the Ministry of Finance’s regulations.
One of the main novelties is the CBF’s authority to actively prohibit companies not aligned with its policies or suspected of economic infractions or ethical violations from placing advertisements.
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva sanctioned the regulation of sports betting in December of last year. He is the president of the republic. Nonetheless, the Ordinance from the Ministry of Finance that establishes the Regulatory Policy of the Prizes and Betting Secretariat was only published on 10th of April.
The CBF reserves the right to request reports from companies specialized in detecting manipulation of results in the new RGC. It also includes technical opinions on the sporting conduct of those involved.
Article 114 states that the display of advertising from sports betting operating companies, including on the uniforms of participating teams, is subject to compliance with the requirements of Law No. 14, 790/2023 and the regulations of the Ministry of Finance.
Sports betting in CBF competitions requires prior approval from the entity and state federations. Operators must annually declare their non-involvement in economic or ethical violations, with forms provided by CBF. Advertisements must align with CBF policies, or face prohibition. Only Ministry of Finance-authorized companies can advertise in CBF events. Clubs not complying with advertising rules may face fines set by CBF.
These new guidelines represent the CBF’s confident response to previous legislative and regulatory changes in the field of sports betting. Aiming to guarantee integrity and transparency in the country’s football competitions in this way.