Cloudflare, Inc. is the leading connectivity cloud company. It recently announced a partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton. This supports enterprises under attack. It provides expedited UAaaS or Under Attack as a Service. It offers 30-Day Rapid Response DDoS Mitigation. This includes continuous monitoring and protection. Booz Allen’s Global Commercial clients facing cyber atack will me connected for immediate Incident Response to Cloudfare. Currently, Booz Allen clients facing cyber threats have expedited access to support when needed.

Malicious attacks like DDoS or distributed-denial-of-service and ransomware can overwhelm Internet properties or corporate networks with traffic. This will cause disruptions in operations. The world has faced some of the largest cyber attacks-to-date in recent months. Cloudflare mitigated a record-breaking 71 million request-per-second DDoS attack last 2023. During this time, this became the largest reported HTTP DDoS attack on record. It helped discover an online threat dubbed HTTP/2 Rapid Reset in Internet history. Cloudflare swiftly developed technology designed to automatically block any attack, reducing its impact on the entire Internet ecosystem. These attacks are towards those leveraging Rapid Reset for its consumers.
In a statement, Cloudflare’s President of Revenue, Mark Anderson, highlighted Cloudflare’s reputation for stopping major cyber attacks worldwide. He emphasized their readiness to collaborate with Booz Allen. They swiftly onboard and partner with organizations. This is to offer immediate protection during critical moments. Across the commercial sector, they are seeing attacks increase as threat vectors expand. Businesses under attack can depend on us for rapid response and mitigation, whether facing domain downtime or ransomware threats.
Any global organization can swiftly onboard. It doesn’t matter their sector. They’re facing a cyber attack. They can do so with Booz Allen and Cloudflare. They’ll receive benefits.