Colombia‘s gambling regulator, Coljuegos, has extended the deadline for operators to implement RG actions until August.

Resolution 7,624 of 2024 means that operators with an ongoing concession contract with Coljuegos now have until August 1 to put into effect actions to promote responsible gaming in Columbia.
Marco Emilio Hincapié, Coljuegos’ president, asserts that Resolution 7,624 of 2024 aims to prompt operators to devise strategies. These strategies aim to raise awareness about responsible gaming and address inappropriate levels of gambling.
He clarified that the responsible gaming strategy consists of two stages. First is the implementation, which is in charge of the operators and includes self-control mechanisms for the players. Secondly, monitoring evaluates the results of the program.
A working group will meet with foundations seeking an agreement with Coljuegos to promote RG on May 2.
Hincapié declared that Coljuegos is working to strengthen its promotion of responsible gambling. The key aim is to protect Colombia’s most vulnerable players.
He added that they have been collaborating closely with the operators to establish guidelines and management indicators. These are for the creation and implementation of good practices manuals for responsible gaming.
Hincapié also said that they are also working on building a support network for those potentially affected. To accomplish this, they have engaged with organizations and institutions offering mental health services. Their objective is to seek assistance in caring for individuals exhibiting symptoms of uncontrolled gambling.
Last October 2023, a bill was submitted with Coljuegos aiming to become the regulator of gambling advertising in Colombia.
Coljuegos has issued a resolution explaining its methods for regulating advertisements in Colombia. The measures include imposing limits on marketing expenditure, which cannot exceed 20% of projected gross gambling revenue (GGR). Additionally, there are bans on misleading advertisements.Coljuegos would also ban operators from sending marketing content to those who have self-excluded.