The European Parliament approved standardized e-ID plans.

EGBA welcomed the European Parliament‘s approval. The plans introduce a standardized method of electronic identification across the EU. The European Digital Identity (e-ID) intends to enable citizens to easily validate their identity online.
EGBA described the approval as a significant milestone. It marks progress towards creating a more secure and inclusive digital environment for all citizens across the EU. It said the e-ID would be a transformative tool that addresses several concerns. This includes among gambling operators.
The regulation states that the e-ID will allow citizens to identify and authenticate themselves online without using commercial providers. This reduces concerns about the sharing of consumer data with third-part platforms. The EGBA has added that the method will ensure greater privacy protection. It will also reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud by improving security for the consumers and businesses.
EGBA said this streamlined approach will increase user confidence in digital transactions. It will also reduce costs and administration for businesses, including gambling operators. They can use a singular verification tool across the EU, instead of paying high fees for commercial databases.
But it noted that the success of the initiative will depend on a high participation rate among citizens. The use of the e-ID will be voluntary for citizens, businesses, and including gambling operators. Gambling operators can decide if they want to integrate the e-ID tool. This gives them flexibility in their know-your-customer processes.
The EGBA is encouraging EU institutions to ensure businesses can access the e-ID. They should also be able to benefit from its use.This includes gambling operators. The e-ID is particularly significant for the online gambling sector. It provides players with an easy, secure, trustworthy and singular option to confirm their identity in the EU.