ESA Gaming has a new partnership with First Look Games. Approved affiliates will access materials from the latter to create reviews and write-ups.

First Look Games will host a suite of content from ESA Gaming as a marketing and affiliate platform. Affiliate partners can use this to create reviews of each title.
We will include assets like game sheets, logos, images, and videos for each title. There will also be links to access demos for each title.
1account handles the player verification for the demos to ensure player safety and uphold regulations.
Elliot Resnick is the First Look Games Managing Director. He said that ESA Gaming is an exciting studio responsible for some truly great content.
Resnick partnered with First Look Games. They collaborate with the best affiliates in the industry. This helps promote games to engaged audiences. Players are always seeking new content to play.
First Look Games allows studios to promote at a low cost. This is why providers like ESA Gaming use our platform for game promotion.
ESA Gaming will decide which assets to make available to affiliates. This includes a First Look feature which allows the studio to release information before a game goes live.
Thomas Smallwood is an ESA Gaming Head of Marketing. He said they are an independent studio. They can create unique games. But it’s hard to drive awareness of their titles. They face stiff competition from the industry’s power players.
He added that this is an important partnership. They are excited to unlocking the full potential of the First Look Games platform. They will level up the promotion and marketing of their games.
ESA Gaming includes Big Fish Bonanza, Wild Vegas, Rocket Racers, and Goal Mine World in its library.
ESA Gaming signed a deal with Bragg Gaming Group. The deal aims to improve its game aggregation platform. It was done at the start of the new year.