Abios, an esports odds provider has released an esports betting report. This report breaks down fans bet on 2023 across the network of its parent company Kambi.

The Abios Leaderboard 2023 report highlighted that across The Kambi Network, 56% of esports betting turnover in 2023 was on Counterstrike. Following this are games League of Legends, having 24%, and Dota 2, having 14%. These esports bettings are the so called ‘big three’.

Following this, VALORANT was the fourth most popular title, having a record of 3% of betting turnover. This data is based on sportsbooks powered by Kambi across regulated markets. Kambi has over 40 operators across six continents. This is according to their website.

Intel Extreme Masters accounted for 10% of Counterstrike’s most popular leagues to bet on across the company’s network with ESL Pro League. This garnered 9% in 2023.

Counterstrike was the most popular title to bet in North America and Europe. However, the charts was topped by League of Legends for customers in Latin America. Aside from these, Starcraft 2 was in 9th place in North America and Europe, and 8th in Larin America; while Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was the 10th most popular in Latin America.

Close by providing a variety of statistics for the year 2023, the report also looked ahead and showcased developments that could affect the esports betting market in 2024. This included the potential role co-stream could have in the industry. It also includes as how betting markets could affect the ecosystem. According to this report, the top esports betting market is Match Adds followed by Map Handicap and Total Kills.

The Abios’ Head of Sales, Niclas Sundell gave his comment on the report. According to him, as esports continues to mature and become an integrated part of any modern online sports betting offering, it is essential for sportsbooks and other industry leaders to understand what products and service esports fans are looking for.