ESIC, the Esports Integrity Commission, and the IOC’s Olympic Movement Anti-Manipulation Unit (OM Unit PMC) are forming a close alliance. This historic agreement they have signed marks a significant step forward. This joint partnership will enable the exchange of information and practices to restrict misconduct in e-sports and combat corruption.

The IOC’s OM Unit PMC, renowned for its commitment to protecting sport from corruption, will work closely with ESIC. In a number of key areas, it is the global industry body recognized for its standards of integrity in e-sports.
A partnership like this will include the exchange of information and knowledge related to the integrity of esports. Esports Integrity Commission will also act as a specialist advisory body to the IOC and the OM Unit PMC. This will provide guidance on e-sport related matters.
A significant development is currently unfolding in eSports, leaving no room for doubt. It urgently requires regulation and a monitoring framework because eSports can easily be distorted and manipulated.
The oversight and development body plays a crucial role. It could pave the way for this type of sport to become an Olympic event.
Friedrich Martens, head of the OM Unit PMC at the IOC, emphasized the importance. Numerous International Federations now organize esports competitions. The IOC plans to host such events. They must ensure they have all available information and intelligence. This guarantees these competitions remain free from manipulation or related offenses.
The Olympic Movement needs the support of the ESIC to ensure the integrity and credibility of its eSports competitions.
Stephen Hanna, CEO of ESIC, highlighted the significance of the partnership. This collaboration with the IOC and the OM Unit PMC marks a major milestone for the global eSports industry. It also underscores the IOC’s commitment to developing its eSports strategy.