Bobby Longhurst, Group Chief Commercial Officer at EveryMatrix, spoke with CasinoBeats after the company gained certification to serve the Peruvian online casino and sports betting industry. Peru, a new market, offers significant opportunities despite the focus on Brazil by Latin American eyes.

Longhurst outlined how Peruvian players like to bet big and bet often, creating an ideal environment for the industry to capitalize on Latin American growth.
He expressed delight at being among the first technology providers to receive accreditation. This enables them to instantly empower their customers to gain valuable, early market share.
This step is essential in expanding their footprint in Latin America, as Peru and the wider region continue to regulate. They see vast opportunities across all their product areas, including turnkey partnerships that involve various EveryMatrix products and services for launching or relaunching operator offerings.
They’ve demonstrated their ability to deliver large-scale, tier-one technology projects in Europe, and they’re excited about replicating this success in Latin America. With the Latin American market gaining momentum, they’re determined to lead the growth in the coming months and years.
Longhurst also said that Brazil has been grabbing all the headlines, mainly due to the size and scale of the opportunity, but Peru has a huge amount to offer and they’ll be focusing a great deal of their efforts there this year and beyond.
Peru’s casino and slot machine market is more than 20 years old so they are entering an established market with an already high level of awareness, education and appetite for betting and gaming. Combined with new regulation in June 2022, online has boomed there since the pandemic with more than two thirds of gambling focused on digital versus retail.