Extendy is an innovative platform for creating turnkey online casinos entering the market. A team of 150 engineers developed it over four years in collaboration with top arbitration experts. The platform offers several key advantages. These include exceptionally quick return on investment. It features a fully autonomous turnkey operating system. Additionally, there is a strong focus on mobile traffic.

Arbitration teams are receiving numerous benefits from owning a casino brand. The main advantage is investing in paid traffic. This investment can lead to the development of free, high-quality organic traffic from social media, SEO, and external sites over the long term. The team receives immediate financial returns. However, directing traffic to a partner means they miss out on the long-term bonuses of owning their own brand.
Close partnerships with top arbitration teams over the years have allowed us to test thousands of hypotheses. This results in an ideal product tailored for these teams. This product has maximized LTV or player lifetime value. It also reduces traffic payback time to just six months.
Various technical solutions achieve this effect. These solutions facilitate real-time analysis of advertising campaigns. They also help predict which campaigns to scale up and which ones to stop. The “Traffic Light” technology is one of the solutions. It quickly predicts if the traffic will be profitable. Arbitration teams have been using the “Traffic Light” technology for some time. They mark each partner with a color: green indicates excellent traffic that should continue. Yellow denotes questionable traffic that requires caution. Red signifies bad traffic that should be stopped immediately. They report that quick traffic analysis makes it almost impossible to suffer losses.
Its unique AppAI technology is one of the standout features of Extendy. This unlocks a new possibilities for attracting mobile traffic. A specially developed neural network is analyzing the user’s profile and the ad they came from.