FazeClan is one of the most popular esports and gaming organizations. They announced a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal with Rollbit. Rollbit is a crypto gaming platform. The said agreement was signed last January 23. It included support for FaZeClan’s Counter-Strike 2 team.

The FaZe Clan is currently leading the Valve’s world rankings. The organization did not specify the exact dollar amount for the settlement. It did not also mention the span of years the deal will last.
However, the deal specifically focuses on sponsoring the team’s activities outside of North America. But, Rollbit is not available to users in United States.
Erik Anderson if FaZe Clan President. He mentioned the they believe this marks one of the largest sponsorship deals in the history of Counter-Strike and esports.
He also added that brands like Rollbit are looking for new ways to connect with large and highly engaged global audiences.
FaZe Clan is one of the most prominent esports team organizations. They also have teams in games like Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege. Apart from this, they also have numerous streamers and influencers.
In connection to this, the organization was acquired by Gamesquare. Gamesquare is backed by Dallas Cowboys, owner of Jerry Jones. It amounts for just 17 million dollars in October 2023. Afterwards, a year after going public on the Nasdaq, the market cap rose to 725 million dollars.
The FaZe Clan CS2 or Counter-Strike 2 team has been actively participating in different tournaments. In line with this, they have also been winning cash prizes and achieving incredible results.
The team also participated in 130 tournaments and managed to earn more than 7 billion dollars in prize money from various CS2 tournaments.
Their performance has been a routine of challenges and successes. One instance is when they achieved victory at the Intel Extreme Masters XV – New York Online: Europe in 2020.
Moreover, FaZe Clan has won more prizes in Counter-Strike 2 than in all of 2023 CS:GO, surpassing its performance in terms of prize money of 2023 CS:GO.
For that reason, FaZe Clan remains dominant in CS2. They have beaten Ninjas in Pajamas in their debut match at BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2023.
Even though the team has faced some instability in its play, they remain a strong presence in the CS2 competitive scene.