Fixbet is an underground online casino. It is largely aimed at the Turkish market. The underground online casino exposes its users, which is around 850,000. It is potentially endangering them as gambling is mostly prohibited in Turkey.

It is a known fact that gambling is never a financially responsible decision. However, it’s even more dangerous in places where it’s illegal; Turkey is one of them. In this country, land-based and online gambling casinos are prohibited.
Online casinos turn to the shadows to avoid the public eye of the law. Fixbet, for example, is a Turkish and English language online casino. Registered in Venezuela, it operates through a hidden URL. It is only accessible through the Tor network.
In spite of this, hiding in the shadows doesn’t prevent mistakes. An exposed Fixbet MongoDB database by Cybernews shows over 850,000 customers.
Businesses are employing MongoDB to organize and store large volumes of information. The FixBet-owned MongoDB database stored details like usernames, passwords in plain text, email addresses, full names of users, user countries, addresses, user-agent details, IP addresses, cookies, and service information.
Furthermore, the open database held internal access panel details. This includes server logs, SMB or Server Message Block (SMB) logs, and email logs. The database was most likely exposed due to human error, as per the team. Since then, Fixbet has closed down the instance. In result to this, it is no longer accessible to the public.
Attackers could potentially employ the exposed details for evil purposes. One example is cyberstalking and harassment. In much worse cases, wicked individuals may use personal information to harass or stalk individuals. This applies both online and offline.
The team said that since the data is extremely sensitive, coming form a gambling platform, it can easily lead to direct financial loss through unauthorized access to other gambling platforms, where affected users re-use their credentials.