Restricting online gambling for the armed forces is still being considered by Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky. This follows the petition from a Ukrainian soldier.
During the Ukraine’s president’s evening address to the countries citizens last April 2, the plan for restrictions was announced.
Conditions to tighten control over the online gambling industry in the country to help protect the interests of society is now being prepared by the government.
A petition demanding restrictions on online gambling for Ukrainan soldiers was followed by the announcement. This was launched in March 29.
The petition was published on the website of the president’s office last week. It collected a total of 26,041 signatures within hours of it being launched. A presidential consideration is automatically being required for any petition with 25,000 signatories.
Pavlo Petrychenko is a soldier by 39th brigade. He launched the petition that aims to draw attention to the harm that the gambling business causes to the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian society.
The soldier calls for gambling and access to online casino to be banned for military personnel by martial law. Gambling becomes the only way to cope with stress and therefore quickly causes dopamine addiction and weakens their self-control for service personnel.
Petrychenko also pays attention to vulnerable armed forces spending their entire salaries on gambling and having recourse to loans.
He highlights that this puts both them and their families in a debt pit, or pawning drones and thermal imaging cameras. This does not only harm themselves, but also their fellow citizens.
Gambling companies have also been claimed to have taken advantage of this vulnerability with marketing orientated towards armed forces. Symbols of the armed forces, as well as whitewashing their activities with small charitable donations are included in this.