Experts say that the idea of booking of Getmantsev for members of the White Business Club is an attempt to divide business into clusters.

Daniil Getmantsev, the chairman of the tax committee of the Rada, proposed giving members of the White Business Club the opportunity to book their employees. This idea carries corruption risks and attempts to divide businesses into clusters. Andrey Dligach expressed this opinion in an exclusive comment to UNN. He is the co-founder of the Center for the economic recovery.
Previously, Daniil Getmantsev, head of the tax committee of the Rada, said that he plans to include his bill on the White Business Club. This norm will allow tax authorities to decide which entrepreneurs can book their employees.
Dligach said that he has a negative attitude to this idea. First of all, their entire business is white, unless the court has proved otherwise. It’s just nonsense when a state institution tries to influence some kind of institutionalization of business.
According to him, to shadow the economy is the logic of economic booking. As per his calculations, economical booking will attract about UAH 170 billion to the budget.
Dligach added that it should only be a tool for business, not when some state body discredits who can and cannot do this. Discretion always breeds corruption. When the state tries to divide business into some clusters, it always leads to corruption. Therefore, in no case should the state be allowed to make such a cluster history.
In the first reading, The Verkhovna Rada supported a bill proposing to create a white business club. This club would offer simplified relations with tax authorities for taxpayers who demonstrate a high level of voluntary compliance with tax legislation. Nina Yuzhanina, a member of the tax committee of the Rada, said that the White Business Club will divide entrepreneurs into its own and others’ – some will have preferences, while the law will apply for others.