There’s just one week remaining until the Golden Boomerang Awards 2024 finale. It is the prime time for the final push. The final week of the highly-anticipated traffic tournament has something special in store. It’s for both top participants and newcomers on the leaderboard.

The Golden Boomerang Awards traffic tournament for affiliates worldwide is just one week away from revealing the long-awaited leaderboard summary. It includes markets in Europe. Organizers will determine the top 30 ranked teams on May 14. These teams will compete for golden trophies at the grand Cyprus awards ceremony scheduled for June 1.
Nonetheless, the opportunity extends beyond just these top 30 teams. These opportunities include joining all-expenses-paid trip which has hotel stay, a grand party, and exclusive networking with the industry’s best affiliates worldwide.
Boomerang Partners has announced an additional incentive: a Golden Ticket to Cyprus. This exclusive chance allows any participant outside the top 30 to join the champions, granting them all the same perks.
Before May 14, Boomerang Partners will award only one Golden Ticket through a raffle. This raffle will be among teams gathering at least 10 FTDs. Boomerang’s social platforms will reveal the winner on the final date.
Here are the five simple steps to seize the chance at the exclusive Golden Ticket. First, register on the tournament website right away and get the ID. Second, come up with a catchy team name. Third, drive high-quality traffic to Boomerang’s products. Fourth, collect at least 10 FTDs before the tournament ends on May 14. Fifth and lastly, await the raffle results.
This welcomed addition to the prize pool could bring further intense the already heated competition for prizes in the final week of the tournament. Beyond competing for top champion entry, participants strive for desired weekly premium prizes and more.