The iGaming market volume surpassed the value of $100.89 billion in the first of the year. This signifies the raid development of the online gaming industry. It is no secret that this is one of the most attractive segments for earning money nowadays. Some work on casino sites, on the other hand, others earn via AP or affiliate programs.

On a simpler note, anyone can advertise an institution and invite new members there, for which the person who invited will receive an award. They can be a representative of a company or a private person for cooperation with gambling clubs.
The most important question is where to get traffic and how to make money using AP. First and foremost, you need to define traffic. It is the users who came to the online casino provided by video, image, mention in the podcast, etc.
You can join one of the partner networks to increase revenue from traffic. Revenuelab is recommended. Special tools on the site will make it easier to manage your finances, place ads, collect and view statistics. You can now join as an affiliate or an advertiser.
The goal of affiliates is to attract as many new visitors as possible, so you should choose the most effective and profitable ways to advertise a particular gaming establishment. Trying all the ways to get the best result in a short time is recommended.
First, Popunders. These are the pop-up windows that appear when visiting a website. It might be annoying but practice shows that this type of advertising is highly effective.
Next are the Push Ads. These are the ads that appear on the screen of the user. They might look like messages on social media or from a messenger.
Some people are skeptical about PA. Nonetheless, statistics show the opposite. The volume of traffic received with PA is more than $1.45 billion weekly.