The Indonesian government strictly prohibits online gambling. Violating operators risk up to a decade of imprisonment.

The country continues its fight against the advertising of illegal gambling products. They are asking the social platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to take action. This is not the first time Indonesia has accused X of promoting unlicensed gambling.
The country strictly prohibits online gambling. Violating operator could risk going to prison up to a decade and a fine up to $645, 000.
Indonesia has recently issued critiques and warnings to X over its ads featuring illegal gambling products. However, the country continues too see advertisements that still appear on the platform.
In a result to this, the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology calls for representative of X a few days ago to discuss the matter. Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan is the director general of informatics applications at the ministry. During the press conference, he explained that his team is seeking to streamline the process of identifying and removing illegal gambling content.
The continued battle tends to be tiresome, while the ministry already issues notice each time it identifies content about illegal gambling. An automated system would be able to solve this issue and asked X to do more to prevent the advertisement of such content. The director general suggested this.
The country has been concerned about the expansion of illegal gambling ads for a while. It pointed out that ads seen on X often involve celebrities. This makes them very appealing to users and customers. In result to this, X users would be exposed to content like this even if they don’t search for it or don’t follow accounts promoting online gambling.
In last year alone, 810, 785 instances of illegal online gambling content has been cracked down by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. A concerning increase of almost 400% of 2022 brings concern.