The Swedish betting company will replace Paramount+. Its contract will expire at the end of the season.
The two parties’ sponsorship deal dates back to a couple of monthe ago as La Gazzetta dello Sport explains.
Soon, the two sides will seal a three-year contract that would provide Nerazzurri with 30 million euros per season.
With Paramount, this will be a major upgrade on the club’s agreement. They will generate only 11.5 million per year.
In consequence, these surging figures depict the club’s growing status on the international stage.
The club would have announced the agreement if it wasn’t for the previous ownership failure, as the newspaper tells it.
Suning missed the deadline to repay their debt to Oaktree a few weeks ago. As a result, the Chinese group had to give up their majority shares at the club. They transferred these shares to a US-based investment company.
As a result, a general assembly meeting will take place on Tuesday. The purpose is to elect a new club president and a new board of directors.
The club will be able to resume its daily operations as usual once these corporate issues are sorted.
Part of the agreement includes signing a contract extension with club captain Lautaro Martinez. This will occur when finalizing the contract and confirming their grant with Betsson.
Additionally, the Nerazzurri will be searching for a new sleeve sponsorship deal. Their contract with eBay is expiring.
Thus, the source speculates that Oaktree could try to explore the American market in search of a new commercial partner.