A few days ago, the sport’s integrity agency suspended an Italian tennis official for 5 1/2 years due to various corruption breaches.
Manuel Guion, an Italian referee and a national-level official who has served as a line judge at ATP challenger level, admitted to five breaches of the tennis anti-corruption program.
The breaches, according to the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA), include conspiring to commit a corruption offense, soliciting a player to commit a corruption offense, encouraging tennis betting, and betting on events while officiating at them.
Furthermore, the International Tennis Integrity Agency stated that the Italian tennis referee fully cooperated after being caught red-handed. They also fined him $6,000. Guion’s suspension prohibits him from officiating at or attending any tennis event sanctioned by all ITIA members. This includes Wimbledon, ATP, Challenger, WTA, Australian Open, US Tennis Association, and the Fédération Française de Tennis.
His suspension began in February 2024 and will end in August 2029. Other cases of the like have received heavier punishment after denying allegations. This forced the TACP into a thorough investigation that found them guilty.