KSA or Kanssplautoriteit is the Gaming Authority in the regulated market of Netherlands. It has released an official monitoring report of the Dutch gaming industry performance in the past year, last April 4. The sixth published since the launch of legalized gaming operations in the country, it has been revealed that online gambling operations increased last year, according to the regulator’s report.

Nevertheless, GGR or the gross gaming result is the industry’s income after deduction of winnings paid to bettors has increased at a noteworthy slower pace than in year 2022. According to the KSA press release, this is to show that the Dutch gaming market is growing less strongly than gambling markets in other countries.
Mainly, the regulator’s sixth monitoring report on online gambling is based on the revenue figures. As a consequence, the press release indicates that the Dutch gaming industry achieved the gross gaming result of EUR 1.39 billion in the previous year. The latest annual hit an almost 29 per cent higher level, in comparison to the EUR 1.08 billion GGR figure reached in 2022. However, according to KSA, the gaming industry grew faster throughout 2022, than in 2023. This leveled the percentage growth. Lastly, the second half of 2023 saw a 1% growth over the first six months to reportedly testify about a flat market tendency.
The market features an increased number of accounts but almost the same number of occasional gamblers as per the report of the authority. Just like in the report, 1.1 million accounts last year against 970,000 registered in 2022, representing around 13 per cent larger numbers. The reported number of accounts and players testifies about the 2023 player pool similar to the year 2022, as a player may open an account with any gaming operator. Around 448,000 players per month played a large part of accounts and around 726,000 players engaged in online gambling in the second half of 2023, according to KSA’s estimation.