Worldcoin is the biometric identification project. It has announced a new expansion process in Argentina. This will reportedly seek to open 50 new locations with eye-scanning hardware. After Buenos Aires charges the company behind Worldcoin, Tools for Humanity, for including abusive clauses in its service agreements. Moreover, a meeting between Worldcoin executives and Javier Milei, Argentine President.

Worldcoin is the proof-of-personhood biometric project. It is reportedly planning to establish a regional Latin American hub in Argentina and expand its operations. The project will establish 50 new locations in over 10 different cities across the country. This is according to a press release quoted by Criptonoticias. Hardware needed to read the iris of each Worldcoin participant, all with the presence of Orbs.
Additionally, the company plans to open two special locations dedicated to educating about the project and searching into the technology that drives the company’s operations and objectives. Worldcoin’s expansion in Argentina will also create opportunities for local software developers, capitalizing on numerous job openings resulting from this process.
After meeting in California, Worldcoin executives and Argentine President Javier Milei reached a decision.Martín Mazza, regional manager of Tools for Humanity, explained that Argentina’s specific characteristics make it an ideal place for developing tools aimed at preparing for the era of artificial intelligence.
This move into Argentina shows Latin America’s relevance for Worldcoin, as stressed by Mazza. As well as its push to keep growing in numerous of the countries’ regions. Previously, ten iris scanning locations in two cities have officially launched in operations in Colombia.
However, Worldcoin has been facing heavy resistance for its activities and is even facing an indictment in Buenos Aires. This is in regards of the alleged inclusion of abusive clauses in its service agreement contracts that affect the rights of users. Worldcoin is facing over $1 million in fines in this legal procedure. Aside from this, the introduction of a bill that seeks to organize a probe into the activities of the company.