Authorities accuse the head of MelBet bookmaker of embezzling 90 million rubles. Alexei Tsaplin, the defense lawyer, stated some details of the criminal case.

According to Tsaplin, Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs‘s investigator stated the charge of embezzlement of 90 million rubes from the ex-owner of MelBet’s office, Alexander Gradulenko, to Igor Lyapustin, who is the general director of the MelBet bookmaker.
The lawyer stated that authorities have charged his client with fraud on a particularly large scale.
Gradulenko, the victim, is known to have had recent problems with the law due to the illegal organization of gambling. In connection to this, he sold his share to Fixit, an Irish company, in 2016. On the other hand, Lyapustin acquired it for 90 million rubles in full compliance with the current legislation. The defense is confident.
The statement of Gradulenko was the basis of the initiation of a criminal case. Here, he accuses the current owner of fraud and damage to the amount of 90 million rubles. An alleged formal nature on his part in the sale of the company, was intended to temporarily save assets from the claims of the financial regulator.
Necessary actions on the basis of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation fraud on a specific large scale is are being done by investigators.
Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ official comments on the situation are not yet available to the media.
A measure of restraint in the form of a ban on certain actions for 1 month and 9 days was measured by the Tverskoy court of Moscow as it was recalled last week.
The accused may face up to 10 years of imprisonment in case of confession of guilt.
Before it became known that the decased LUKOIL Vice-President was on trial. It was because of giving FCS officers distinct large bribe.