Michael “Venom” Page is a UFC fighter. He has entered into a collaboration with Bets.io, an iGaming platform. It aims to redefine the partnership from the respective fields.

Page will promote Bets.io on his social media channels as part of the long-term agreement. He will invite MMA fans to bet on their favorite fighters in a unique and immersive environment.
Venom said that Bets.io resembles the creative person he is. In the cage, it allows him to be himself in their partnership. He knows they’re going to put on a show together. They’ll cook up a storm in their respective industries.
Bets.io stated that the partnership came to realization through a shared commitment to pushing boundaries, promising an exciting journey ahead.
Recently, Venom made his long-awaited UFC debut in March at UFC 299. He beat Kevin Holland through a unanimous decision. The fighter’s charisma in and out of the Octagon has frequently positioned him as a marketable asset.
Evgeniy Babitsyn is Bets.io CMO. He said that joining forces with Michael “Venom” Page feels like a natural fit. They share a passion for pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences. Together, they are ready to create a lasting impact on both the gaming and martial arts industries.
Babitsyn added that the partnership between Bets.io and Michael “Venom” Page is set to transcend conventional sponsorships, offering a dynamic platform for mutual growth and collaboration.
By leveraging Page’s unparalleled charisma and Bets.io’s innovative approach to online gambling, the partnership aims to create immersive experiences for fans and players alike.
A threefold crypto casino winner x invincible MMA sensation is the reciep for a revolutionary blast in the iGaming industry that will be impossible to match.
Last October, the iGaming firm are no strangers to the MMA landscape as they entered a strategic content deal with the PFL or Professional Fighters League.