Thailand’s Royal Police have arrested over 14,000 individuals involved in call center scams, investment fraud, and illegal gambling. This crackdown on online fraud spanned over seven months.
The operation has also caused to the freezing of THB4.5 billion or $122.2 million in assets. Discussions are currently underway with the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) on how to provide these to the victims.
Police Major-General Siriwat Depor, the deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police, recently addressed the media. He stated that, following directives from Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and acting National Police chief Police General Kittirat Panpet, authorities have been actively investigating and combating technological crimes. From October 1 of the previous year to April 30 of this year, they arrested 14,826 individuals involved in money laundering, call center scams, investment fraud rings, and illegal online gambling operations.
The police also investigated the illegal installation of signal transmission equipment along the border. This is in partnership with the NBTC or the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. Criminals used these devices to facilitate ongoing illegal activities. The operation successfully led to confiscation of the equipment.
Thai authorities also dismantled the financial networks tied to these operations. They achieved this by investigating payment flows, increasing financial tracking, and freezing mule accounts.