Metalottery is the world’s first decentralized blockchain lottery experience and they recently officially launched.
It aims to provide users with a new experience by bringing a fresh twist to the concept of online lotteries.
Dioni Bouropoulos is the COO of Poollotto Finance. He commented that Metalottery is not just another lottery; it’s a paradigm shift. They are giving back to the players by offering a transparent, secure, and exciting lottery experience designed for the web3 age.
The PLT token, the platform’s native cryptocurrency used for purchasing tickets. This lies at the core of Metalottery. The company aims to simplify the process of getting PLTs or Pool Lottery Tokens through allowing users to purchase them directly on the website.
Moreover, there are a number of other features that hope to set Metalottery apart from traditional lotteries. First is by utilizing the VRF or Verifiable Random Function of Chainlink. Through this, Metalottery ensures provably unbiased results for every draw.
Next is with lottery rounds commencing every eight hours. Through this, players can anticipate more often chances of winning.
Above all this, players can also engage in different activities like spinning the Wheel of Fortune for additional rewards.
Bourpoulos added that they designed their platform to be inclusive and accessible to a global audience. By combining innovative technology with a user-friendly interface, they empower players to take control of their lottery journey.
They are charging no fees for participation and all proceeds from tickets go towards the jackpot. Their goal is to build the biggest lottery community in the world.