Spelinspektionen is the Swedish Gambling Authority. It has launched two initiatives to strengthen integrity in the gambling industry. Spelinspektionen is going to have its hands full in the upcoming months. They have two different projects to discuss unethical and illegal gambling activities.
Spelinspektionen held a press conference with the Swedish Government. The two parties discussed the new measures to detect and fight match-fixing.
As they build cases on suspected activity, sports federations, operations, and Spelinspektionen will share information with one another.
Niklas Wykman, the Minister for Financial Markets, said that match-fixing feeds the gangs. It also damages youth sports, among other things. Athletes should not be pawns in the activities of organized crime. To combat crime and protect sport, it is important to stop match-fixing.
Match fixing is an expansive phase and gaining momentum, as per their reports.
On the other hand, Camilla Rosenberg, Director General of Spelinspektionen explained that the Authority will develop a platform where organizations can share any information related to match-fixing cases.
The Swedish Government has commissioned both Spelinspektionen and Finansinspektionen to cooperate on numerous tasks.
This will focus on counteracting illegal gambling activities in the Swedish gambling market, as well as preventing money laundering.
To prevent illegal operations, the respective authorities will be asked to figure out how they can use payment providers. They will also explore the act of blocking them.
They attained the ban on three operators targeting Swedish consumers in late March.