An 88-year old video game enthusiast, popularly known as the “Gamer Grandpa“, has been honored for being the oldest video game vlogger in BIlibili. This honor was from the Guinness World Record. Bilibili is a prominent video sharing platform in China.
The record-holder is Yang Binglin. Binglin is a resident of Sichuan province. He ventured into the world of video game vlogging four years ago. He garnered the admiration of over 280, 000 followers with his motivation and passion for gaming. His sharing of experiences made him a beloved figure in the gaming community.
He ended his career in oil and gas drilling research and engineering in Sichuan in year 1996. Yang also has other hobbies like table tennis and electronic gaming. He started from smaller games to more complex titles. Some of these are the Tomb Raider and Call of Duty. He has managed to collect over 500 game discs from his exploration of video game stores nationwide.
According to Yang, becoming a vlogger has brought him sense of honor. He treasures his interactions with thousands of young fans. Alongside this, he also expresses gratitude for the heartfelt gift of a PlayStation 5 console he received from his followers.
He advises young gamers to immerse themselves in the activity by making plans and schedules. This is in connection of how he emphasizes the importance of balancing gaming with studying or working.
In spite of his passion for video games, the man still maintains his balanced lifestyle. He still engages with other activities such as playing table tennis at 7:30 am and going grocery shopping at 9:30 am afterwards. Yang spends three hours in gaming each day. He usually starts at 3:00 pm and rests for the night at 9:30 pm.