PGL, an esports tournament organizer, has agreed to a multi-year deal. This deal will see remain as the exclusive provider of data and integrity services for several of its events.

Under the terms of the new deal, has reinforced its position as the exclusive provider of data and integrity services for PGL’s Dota 2 and Counter-Strike 2 events. This includes a minimum of eight Dota 2 headline events and a minimum of eleven Tier 1 Counter-Strike 2 tournaments.
Silviu Stroie is the CEO of PGL. He said that at PGL, their core mission is to craft the ultimate esports experience on a global scale. Independence, innovation, and integrity are the pillars they stand on, promoting fairness and sustainability within the esports world. In, they’ve found an ally that resonates with their ethos, making them the ideal partner as they forge ahead.
Stroie added that their ongoing partnership solidified through a multi-year contract, echoes their mutual commitment to the community of esports. With’s unmatched data and integrity expertise, they’re elevating their tournaments beyond mere excitement. They aim to meet the highest benchmarks of fairness, united on a quest to curate unequalled esports events. This effort propels the dynamic industry toward a vibrant and thrilling future.
The partnership renewal comes at a remarkable time for PGL. They are looking to expand their annual event roster, covering from 2024 to 2026. Furthermore, new regulations will start on January 1, 2025. This will mandate the separation of tournament organizers from teams. It aims to create a more competitive and varied landscape for Counter-Strike 2 tournaments. will partner with the organizer on some of the biggest esports events. This follows on from the impressive PGL Major Copenhagen. It became the third-most watched event in Counter-Strike history.
In May, the upcoming Wallachia tournament will be the first competition taking place under this new agreement.