A rights holder from Chinna Manali in Salem district, Angamuthu, reportedly lost a lot of money in online rummy. This led to debt and ultimately, suicide.
Following Angamuthu’s involvement in online gambling over the last six months, the events unfolded. He reportedly became attracted by the appeal of easy money. His close friends and relatives said that Angamuthu was burdened by financial losses and debts accrued by his gambling activities. Angamuthu then took his own life due to mental suffering.
Hindi Tamil reported that PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss, expressed profound sorrow. He called for urgent government intervention to address the escalating crisis of online gambling. Angamuthu’s brother remarked that online gambling turns everyone into slaves. He highlighted the urgent need for strict regulatory measures to curb the uncontrolled spread of online gambling addiction.
PMK or The Pattali Makkal Katchi has long advocated for a complete ban on online gambling. It cited its impact on individuals and families across Tamil Nadu. The recent incident involving Angamuthu has prompted calls for legislative action to safeguard vulnerable individuals from the dangers of online gambling.
The Tamil Nadu government faces pressure to enforce stricter regulations. This is in response to the public concerns over the rise in gambling-related fatalities. The PMK, Ramadoss, and concerned citizens have urged the government to take action. It emphasizes that the tragic loss of lives like Angamuthu’s underscores the urgent need for measures to battle online gambling.
The issue has sparked debates about the effectiveness of existing laws and the need for more enforcement to prevent further incidents. The High Court expects to initiate hearings to examine the legal implications and potential amendments to gambling laws. This is as Tamil Nadu deals with the aftermath of this incident.