Several allegations hit The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom. This tops members placed bets on the general election date scheduled for July 4. It deals a fresh blow to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Xinhua reported that he is struggling to regain the trust of the public.

UK media recently reported that the Gambling Commission is investigating Tory Party’s chief data officer, Nick Mason. He has taken a leave of absence. He allegedly used inside information to bet on the timing of the election before the date was announced.
A lot of other Conservative figures have already been involved in the scandal. The party’s director of campaigns, Tony Lee, and his wife Laura Saunders are under investigation. As well as Sunak’s parliamentary private secretary Craig Williams. Authorities are also investigating a police officer on Sunak’s close protection team over allegations.
According to a spokesman for the Gambling Commission, it is investigating the possibility of offenses related to the election date. The commission cannot provide any more details at this time.
The main opposition Labour Party branded the fresh allegations as utterly extraordinary. A party spokeswoman stated that Rishi Sunak had promised integrity, professionalism, and accountability. Instead, his weakness means he has overseen the same sleaze and scandal that have come to epitomize the last 14 years of Tory government. It impulses Sunak to suspend all those implicated in the betting scandal.
Sunak said he was incredibly angry to learn of the allegations and promised to boot out anyone found to have broken gambling laws.
When asked at a special edition of BBC’s Question Time, the prime minister stated that it is a really serious matter. He added that it is right for the relevant law enforcement authorities to investigate properly.