SOFTSWISS is a leading global software supplier with 15 years of global experience. It announces the appointment of racing legend Rubens Barrichelo as its Non-Executive Director in Latin America. His victorious Formula 1 legacy will be crucial for furthering SOFTSWISS’ mission. It aims to truly connect with the local tech community and build a strong presence in the region.

Ruben Barrichello is a top performer in an extremely competitive tech sphere. He brings leadership wisdom and best teamwork practices to the SOFTSWISS table. His deep-rooted experience in sports will provide the company with valuable insights. These insights will help elevate its sports betting platform and other products to new heights. This will help continue the contribution of the company to reshaping the iGaming industry with innovations.
In his commitment to effecting positive change, he will advocate responsible gaming with the experts in SOFTSWISS.
Barrichello’s appointment is the next strategic step for SOFTSWISS in Latin America, most especially in the fast-growing market of Brazil. TGM Research estimates that the iGaming industry in Brazil will have a gross revenue of 2.3 billion euro by 2026. This has the potential to represent 1% of Brazil’s GDP, which is 1.5 trillion euro.
Founder of SOFTSWISS, Ivan Montik states that SOFTSWISS welcomes Rubens Barrichello on board! Having him join the team is a strategic step for them. Barrichello’s collaborative prowess on the racing track in a highly competitive tech sphere has resulted in team victories. This mirrors SOFTSWISS’ partnership approach. His involvement testifies to their commitment to Brazil and helps them adapt the best global practices to the local market.
Meanwhile, SOFTSWISS appointed Rubens Barrichello as the Non-Executive Director in Latin America. He comments on the remarkable growth of the iGaming industry in Brazil and globally. Joining SOFTSWISS, he is delighted to become one of the drivers of this process in Latin America! He is sure his background with the leading racing team will propel the iGaming tech leader towards success in the region.