$RVLRY or The Rivalry Token is the venture of Rivalry into the crypto world. $RVLRY will act as a strong match between Rivalry, Web3 gambling, and its users. This provides players with rewards, unique benefits, and enhanced utility exclusively on Rivalry.com.

Rivalry will employ the Rivalry Token across its product suite, from sportsbook to casino, to enhance customer experience with increased functionality, improved economics, and an exceptionally fun experience.
Though Rivalry activity, all Rivalry users can start earning NUTZ, the interim points. This will be exchangeable for the $RVLRY Token. You only need to connect your crypto-wallet to get started. NUTZ will be waiting for existing Rivalry users with recent activity on the site. Later on, you can convert NUTZ into the Rivalry Token.
Now is the perfect time to dive into the betting world whether you are a rookie or experienced bettor!
You will collect “NUTZ” or points while exploring and engaging with Rivalry’s sportsbook and casino. This will be based on the player’s previous Rivalry wagering activity. The more the player bets/plays, the more NUTZ they earn.
You can easily earn NUTZ across any Rivalry product. This includes betting on esports, sports, and casino games.
You can start your NUTZ collection in just four simple steps. First, log in or create a Rivalry account. Second, connect your wallet or learn how to make one. Third, check out your current rank and NUTZ sack. Fourth and lastly, make some bets, have fun, and earn more NUTZ.
Based on your activity level as you unlock more ranks and goodies by Rivalry interactions, you’ll be slotted into existing NUTZ ranks. With PLAY-2-FARM technology and grinding thorough the different NUTZ tiers, you’ll grow your NUTZ even bigger!
These ranks are worth farming, will allow unique benefits, multipliers, and EVEN MORE NUTZ to farm up.