SCCG and Numb3rs partner to offer payment processing solutions for the gaming industry.
SCCG Management has announced a joint investment with Numb3rs. The latter tailors payment solutions specifically for gaming operators.
Numb3rs offers its established technology, Ecrypt. It streamlines operations for gaming operators worldwide.
This combination reportedly promises a comprehensive approach to payment and banking services. This includes compliance measures, fraud prevention tools, payouts and alternative payment solutions.
The President of Numb3rs, Chris Berman said that Numb3rs is excited to partner with SCCG & utilize its 30 years of expertise in the gaming space to help bring their bank direct payment processing services to the marketplace.
SCCG Founder & CEO Stephen Crystal added that they are honored to engage in a joint venture with Numb3rs, a company that shares their vision of innovation and excellence in the gaming industry. Together, they aim to revolutionize the payment processing landscape, bringing unparalleled efficiency and value to their clients. This partnership underscores their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and strategic expertise that their clients have come to expect from SCCG.
SCCG aims to bring strategic insights and operational assessments to the partnership, with a global network of client partners specializing in different gaming sectors. This partnership aims to navigate the regulatory requirements of the gaming industry and empower gaming operators.
This partnership announcement follows SCCG’s expansion of its collaboration with SnapOdds. SnapOdds is a sports betting technology product developed by Snapscreen. The expansion focuses on developing consumer-facing applications.