SCCG is a consultancy firm in the gambling industry. They are excited to announce its partnership with Black Box Intelligence for the distribution of SmartRack.

This partnership is for the global distribution of SmartRack. SmartRack is groundbreaking casino analytics solution. This innovative technology will revolutionize casino floor management by providing real-time updates. The AI/ML-driven data analytics without the need for costly RFID chip conversions for chip counting and player behavior.

SmartRack represents a leap forward for casinos looking to upgrade from manual chip-counting operations and inaccurate player behavior analytics to a more reliable and data-driven approach. SmartRack’s appliance solution includes real-time chip counting. Aside from this, it also includes SmartHand sensing solution for bet and pay detection. Lastly, the SmartRack Middleware for advanced player profile analytics. Together, these components offer a comprehensive overview of casino floor operators. It enables more accurate cash reconciliation and player tracking.
By utilizing patented optical sensing technology, the SmartRack system distinguishes itself from competitors. It is proven to be 99.9% accurate for real-time chip counting and player behavior tracking. This technology requires minimal capital expenditure and allowing for the continued use of existing chip sets. The technology is a financially viable option for casinos. SmartRack offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative. It contrasts to expensive RFID solutions and image recognition-based systems that make necessary hardware investment.
Integration with third-party Casino Management Systems allow for seamless data export and analytics insights. Moreover, it enhances SmartRack’s utility. This flexibility ensures that casinos can leverage SmartRack’s advanced analytics to optimize floor management and player engagement strategies effectively.
Stephen Crystal is the Founder and CEO of SCCG Management. He commented that their collaboration with Black Box Intelligence to distribute SmartRack marks a pivotal moment in the gambling sector. This initiative showcases their dedication to advancing innovation across the industry and delivering state-of-the-art technologies to a global market. It aims to transform operational efficiencies, enrich gaming experiences, and drive higher profitability. SmartRack is a clear indication of their commitment to leading the industry towards a technologically sophisticated, data-informed future.