SOFTSWISS is a global tech company with over 15 years of skillfulness in iGaming. It has analyzed the data of about 700,000 users to present major social casino gaming patterns and trends.

The company previously announced the purchase of a stake in Ously Games GmbH. It is the German provider of, the fastest-growing European social casino. Experts of SOFTSWISS explored the data provided by its partner to uncover major trends in social casino gaming, as well as its differences compared to traditional online casinos.
It is important to highlight that over 80% of users conceal their age and gender when talking about social casino player profile. The ones who reveal this information are young men under 30.
Normally, the majority of SpinArena players are from Germany. The ones who take second place in the ranking are the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Players from other European countries like the Netherlands, Latvia, Italy, Greece, and Poland are following it.
It is important to consider that downloading applications for social casino games does not require age verification or the mandatory disclosure of a player’s gender or country of residence. For that reason, the analysis assumes that the data provided by players who chose to share their information is accurate. data shows that the average player session lasts about 47 minutes. In 2024, the longest player session recorded exceeded 12 hours.
During the day, players are most active, as well as in the evenings. 4pm-9pm have the largest number of players registered. Meanwhile, 2am-5am have the fewest. In the evenings than at night, the activity is three times higher. It is also worth highlighting that judgement.
On Fridays and Sundays, players are usually more active during the week. On Mondays, we observe less activity. All the while, the difference between the most and the least active days of the week is only around 10%.