The SOG Federation of SOGF has launched the first online skill games and Esports Olympiad. This is in a significant development for Indian esports and online skill gaming.
They formally announced it during the National Economic Conclave 2024 at the power corridor in New Delhi. It featured Anurag Thakur, the then minister of youth affairs and sports.
The SOGF has detailed the Olympiad’s structure and future plans across its social media platforms. It outlines the games included, as well as their Olympic mission.
This olympiad aligns with their mission to elevate Indian online skill games and esports to global standards.
The zonal olympiad will take place to the over six regions. These regions consisting of Northern Central, Southern, Western, Eastern, and North-Eastern Zones. The Western Zone includes Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa. They will host the first zonal olympiad, partnering with a leading rummy platform to ensure seamless and fair competition.
First, participants will compete in online qualifiers within their zones. Top players will advance to physical events hosted by SOGF. These events will include multiple competition rounds. It will lead to the selection of a zonal rummy champion.
And then, the zonal champions will compete in the national rummy olympiad. It will follow a similar competitive structure. The national champion will gain recognition and opportunities to compete internationally.
Shankar Agarwal, President of SOG Federation said that the SOGF Board strongly believes that together, they will change the face of the online gaming sector in India. By creating structured pathways and competitive opportunities, they are paving the way for a brighter future for Indian games. This Olympiad is just the beginning, and they are excited to see the talent that will emerge from this initiative.